Website Browsers

What is a Browser?

Website Browsers Like Chrome, FireFox & Safari Help You Navigate the Web.

A browser is the application or piece of software in your computer, tablet or smartphone that allows you to access the internet.  Remember when you first got a computer and you’d click on that blue e icon to open up internet explorer?  That was a browser!  Do you still use internet explorer?  OK, you’ve maybe got some catching up to do, but that’s OK, right now I’m just trying to explain what a browser is.  Maybe you’re even older than me and you remember using netscape navigator….well, THAT was a browser too!  Now you probably have Safari on your iPhone or Google Chrome on your Samsung….THAT is also a browser!!!!   Alright,  maybe too much enthusiasm there but I think it’s important that you understand what a browser is.

What Browser Should I Use?

In short, you should use the browser that you are the most comfortable with.  However, the problem with this logic is that is likely the same browser that you have used the most.  That’s fine, but there may very well be another browser out there that would work even better for your purposes, but you don’t know about it because you haven’t gotten over the initial discomfort of a few buttons or options not being where you are used to finding them.  That’s OK.   I’m going to explain a few things about Google Chrome that hopefully display why you should at least use it some of the time.  It’s my favorite browser by far, but it might not be yours and that’s OK.

Features of a Browser

Well, this simply can’t be covered in one paragraph, but I’m going to run through a few basics of browsers, and then speak more specifically to functions that Chrome has that can make it easier to build / fix / identify what CSS rule is making ____ element _____ color on your website.  You can read more about that in “Developer Tools” below.   Two of the most basic functions I would encourage anyone to use on their browser is the bookmarks and understanding how to manage tabs and windows. 


This should be pretty straightforward for anyone with a general familiarity with the web.  Bookmarks save web pages.  Different browsers will organize and prioritize them in different ways, but the bookmarking function is pretty straightforward.  One of the things I really like about Chrome is that if you are logged into your Gmail account you can access bookmarks (and other Chrome browser features and customizations) across your devices.  So you can save a bookmark on your computer and then check it out in bed later on your iPad, or save something you find on your phone while you’re in a waiting room that you can to check out on your home computer later.

Developer Tools

The developer tools available under the “View” menu (View — Developer — Developer Tools, use shortcut “option + command + i”)  on Google chrome can give you a lot of insight on why your site looks the way it does.  This is where we’re REALLY under construction.  I am going to work on getting a developer tools video put together to help you understand how you can affect certain rules.