Online Resources That Can Help You With Your Website

Just like Plug-Ins and theme that someone else way smarter than you made, these websites can help you make a cool website while just barely knowing how they work.  I will be adding more and more General Web, HTML, CSS and WordPress Resources over time.

The WordPress Codex
If you ever hear someone refer to “The Codex” this is basically the gigantic know-all instruction manual for all things WordPress.  Depending on your learning style and preferences, it may be the absolute best resource out there, or you may prefer to search for individual issues on YouTube or Google.  Either way, if you need to learn basics, you’re probably going to get referred over to the Codex at some point, so getting familiar with it is a great idea.

Super cool little website that let’s you live test code.  If you’re working on understanding HTML, CSS, Javascript, and more importantly, how they all work together, you’ll want to get an account (free, just for the purpose of saving your projects or “fiddles”) set up.  If you are plugging HTML in to a Widget this is a nice way to preview what it will look like.

CSS Gradient Generator
Back in the olden times, if you wanted a cool gradient background you needed to make a jpg in Photoshop.  Sheesh, I hope you’re old-timey car doesn’t break down on the way to the Photoshop store!  Nowadays we can make really cool looking gradient backgrounds all in CSS.  Well, when I say “We” I mean, “These sites that do it for you”.  Super great way to add a little polish to a flat background.  Check it out.

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