Super Quick and Simple WordPress Set-Up

Quick and Simple WordPress Site

You’re about 10 Minutes and $72 or so Away from Writing Your First Post.

Honestly.  You’re going to get a good looking site online today.  Even if this process that I am about to lay out where I show you step by step how to get a WordPress site up and running doesn’t work, if you sign up with BlueHost, they’re going to be able to help you either way.  I build this website to help people get WordPress websites up and running as quickly and effectively as possible.  A lot of what I learned here, I learned in my other job where I build websites for small businesses.  Wordpress CAN be easy, and you don’t have to pay some web designer thousands of dollars to get it set up.  You DO have to care enough to go through the steps, and you also need to have some idea of what type of content (the actual copy on the pages) as well as some images to work in.  But if you have the content, and the images, the technology does NOT have to get in your way.  Installing WordPress to a BlueHost hosting plan is easy and can take even a very novice user as little as 20 minutes.

You can read the following instructions step by step, or listen to a walk through in this video:

Want to get started?  Click on this link and then work through the steps below with in a different window.

So Now You’re On

Reliable WordPress HostingPretty straight forward for here.  You’re hopefully still seeing that super awesome $3.95 per month price, which does require a 3 year sign up.  So you’re looking at a total of about $150 payment to actually get that price.  If you just pay one year you can get it for $5.99 per month, which works out to about $72 per year.

You Can Just Get The Simple Hosting Package

Low Cost WordPress Hosting OptionsIf you know right now that you want to host several blogs than you might think about going for it and getting the more expensive one.  That said, if you’re just trying to wrap your head around this whole thing and get started with WordPress as cost-effectively as possible, just get the basic package.

Do You Already Have a Domain Name?  Need to Register a New One?

Associate a new or existing domain with your wordpress hosting
Either way, you’re covered.  There are some things you’re going to need to deal with eventually if you have your domain name registered somewhere else, but BlueHost does an amazing job of giving you clear and concise instructions on how to update your DNS records at your current registrar and get your domain name to bring up your website.

OK So Now You’re Hitting all That Name & Address Type Stuff

6 Sign UpI don’t really know how much I have to explain here.  You’re going to fill out your name where it says name, and so on.  You do not need a business name.  If you’re using a credit card, It is going to be a lot easier if the Street Address field there matches the address associated with the card.

Decide If You Want These Extra Features

unselecting-boxesUntil you get to the point where you really have something to protect, you can probably get by without the Backup pro and the SiteLock.  I certainly do not want to discourage anyone from purchasing them, they are both good products, but if you’re trying to get a WordPress site up and running as quickly as possible and as cost-effectively as possible you can pass on these and add them later.

Payment Information.  The Initial Investment in Your Future.

bill-checkbox-gifSo Here’s where you’re going to put in your Credit Card, Expiration and Those three digits on the back.  Make sure that you check that box down there that confirms you know how to click a box but very likely did not read all of the stuff that it said that you read.

OK, So Now You’re Signed Up DON’T Stop now!!

12 Welcome to HostingAt this point you’re going to receive an email from BlueHost confirming your email and inviting you to check out your new account.  Go and do that now!  Then click on Hosting to go to your new Control Panel (that might sound scary but it’s super simple).  You do not even need help.  So you’re going to say “I can do it” or just X out of this little pop up here.  While it might seem nice to have someone help yo, again, that means that you’re going to be paying a little more.

Your Hosting Control Panel – Welcome Home

13-control-panelJust kidding.  This would maybe be your home if you were going to publish like, 100 websites, but we’re just going to start with one site for today.  There’s a lot of stuff in the control panel as you can see but you just need to scroll down to the section where it says “Website”.

The Website Section – Where WordPress Starts

13a-wordpress-installOK so here’s a zoomed in picture of the part of the control panel where you’re going to start WordPress.  One of the things that’s actually really cool about BlueHost is that have a means to very easily install WordPress for you.  I’m going to give you instructions for the “Install WordPress” option (as opposed to the “One-Click Install” option).  It’s only like two or three more clicks, you’re gonna be fine.

Wait…what is MOJO?  Wordpress Install Helpers, that’s who.

14 MoJo Install DIYSo MOJO is company that can also (again, for more money) help you, but you’re just going to use their free version to Install WordPress.  Go ahead and push that green “Install” button.  You are very close to having your new WordPress site up and running.

Domain Name / Folder Where You’re Installing WordPress

15 MoJo Install Domain NameOK, if you’re doing your first site you can pretty much just clickety-click-click right through this section, but if you are building a second site make sure you’re paying attention that you’re not publishing into a folder where an existing site is.

Site Credentials - Naming Your WordPress Site

16 Site CredentialsPay attention to this section, it’s all stuff that will show up in your Dashboard later, but go ahead and get it right the first time.  Remember your password.  You do not want to start this whole process out by getting delayed by something as stupid as not remembering your password from just a few minutes earlier, right?

Now it’s happening.  Wordpress is Installing Before Your Eyes.

17 Now It's InstallingYou’re going to see a status bar at the top that will show you how far it is.  Honestly, I haven’t seen this take more than like 60 seconds.  So don’t like take a nap or anything, it’s gonna be up and running pretty dang quick.

Oh Snap.  It’s Done.  And They’re Offering You Stuff.

18 Now It's DoneThese are probably super sweet themes, but you don’t even know what a theme is yet, you’re just hardly even done (you’re close, and you’re really good looking.  Hang in there).  So I’m going to suggest that you skip this for now, finish your install, and then circle back around to the paid theme options once you’ve seen what a free theme can do for you.

OK Now Don’t Blow This.

20-Credentials-GiFWe’ve done pretty well so far, right?  OK, don’t miss this.  In that page with the orange header, the black button says “View Credentials” you’re gonna want to click on that, because that’s gonna tell you how to log into your new WordPress site, which you’re about 20 seconds away from doing right now.

This is What You See When You Click The Black Button

19 CredentialsOK, pretty cool animation for that button up there, right?  It really goes to show how an odd rhythm can be unpleasing to the…..OK, sorry, let’s focus up.  THIS IS YOUR PASSWORD.  Write it down.  Take a picture of it with your phone.  Do a screen shot, make a not in a notepad or whatever, but don’t lose it.  If you lose it, you can reset it, it’s fine, but just make it easy on yourself and put is somewhere where you would probably look for it, OK?  Take note of the fact that whatever your domain name was, after the .com if you add /wp-admin that is how you’re going to get to your sign in page.  We’ll go over that again in a paragraph or two….

OK, so now you go to the address and see…. Coming Soon

20 View WebsiteThat’s OK though, because it means you’re doing it right.  So you just need to click that “Admin Login” button and then we’re going to use that password that I was telling you to keep in the previous paragraph.  I know you remember how I mad a big deal about it, so you know I’m gonna be pretty upset if you don’t have it.  OK.  You do?  Great.  You did it.  Awesome.

But After You Hit “Admin Login”

wp-panelBoom!  That’s your WordPress site!  If this it the first time you’re seeing this you’ll get used to it.  If you’ve built a WordPress site before you know that what you’re looking at here gives your blog, small business or website the power to quickly grow, adapt and succeed.  Congrats.

Wait, what about my site?

22 My Site - Visit SiteOK, so if mouse your cursor up to the upper left where you see the home icon.  You’ll get a drop down menu that says “Visit Site”.  Click on that and then you’ll see the site.  It’s going to just be the default theme, but don’t be discouraged by that; you can do a ton of cool stuff with the default theme, and you can change it really easily.

So There’s Your New WordPress Site

success-gifHow Long did it take you?  Seriously, I’d love to know, please comment at the bottom of this page if you’re willing to.  I will try to answer any questions I can.  I get that what you’re looking at right now may not, at first blush, seem that incredible.  However, if you know how powerful of a tool that WordPress can be, especially when hosted on a great site like BlueHost, you know that what’ you’re looking at here has the potential to be something amazing.