Website Essentials

Website Essentials – What You Absolutely Need to Have a Website

The two things that absolutely have to be in place, on some level or another, is a place for the files on your website to exist, and a means for your website visitors to find those files.  Your traditional set up is going to be a domain name ( and hosting (which you can purchase for as little as $3.95 a month at a site like  You technically can have a website without owning hosting or registering a unique domain, depending on your purposes.  So for example, I just set up my Twitter page.  I can give you an address to a page on the internet that I have control over.  If I want to spout my crazy opinions about gluten free living or why concrete is better than tar for your driveway I can do so.  I can send tweets and links.  Does anyone take me seriously?  Probably not.  But it’s on the web, I control it.  I guess I’m just trying to prove a point here.

Barriers to Entry Matter.  Especially on the Web.

Do you ever look at Facebook and think, “Wow, I’m friends with some amazing people”.  I genuinely hope that you do, but the fact is, most of the time I’d bet like me, when you scroll through your Facebook feed your rolling your eyes at the d-baggery of your stupid friends.  Facebook is a really good example of an extremely low barrier to entry, meaning any idiot can get on Facebook.  While it’s markedly harder to get a blog up and running, the same issue with barrier to entry is true.  There are a bunch of wannabe entrepreneurs and high-school students that want to start their million dollar blog.  So they go to and start it, and no one really ever gives a shit.   Look, even if you build our the full version you’re still going to need to decent plan of how you’re going to get people interested in your website.  But if it’s at’t-care-enuff-to-buy-a-domain people aren’t going to take you super seriously.

Buy a Domain Name.  Even if you Only Have a Total of $12 To Invest in Your Business

That’s first.  Buy your domain name.  It’s your email (which costs extra) and your website (which is going to cost extra to host) but if you have $12 total, buy your domain name.  Want to read more about domain names?  Do that here.  Want to search for a domain name right now?   Do that right here:

See If Your Domain Name is Available Now!


This is the place where your website lives.  I have tried to publish a website without buying a decent hosting plan, but it just doesn’t work.  Your internet provider (Comcast, or maybe Centurylink) maybe even told you that you have free hosting.  Trust me, it might work for some little Microsoft FrontPage site, but it’s gonna choke to death on WordPress.  Wordpress sites need a certain type of hosting.

Want to buy hosting?  Click on the bluehost ad link below get started for as little as $3.95 a year (if you buy a full three years) or $5.95 a year if you just want to buy one year.

Hosting that can actually handle WordPress.

When I first started with WordPress, it was a ton of work to just get the files up and running in the right place.  Now with Bluehost’s easy install, that’s not an issue, but if you’re working on GoDaddy or another host and you’re just uploading WordPress to a folder on your existing hosting, be careful.  You’re not going to break anything, but your website might be slow…like really slow, like takes 12 seconds to load the homepage.  I had a problem with GoDaddy and read around a little bit and realized that all of the experienced bloggers are, or at least seem to be, on Bluehost.  What’s different about WordPress hosting?  Click here to learn more.