Website Hosting

Website hosting is more or less where your website “lives” on the internet.  If you are hosting a WordPress site, having a quality host can dramatically effect the time it takes for your page to load.

Is there free web hosting available?  What should I expect to pay for website hosting?

There is not really any good free hosting available.  I mean, there IS hosting available, but everything costs something.  Meaning, unless you are absolutely in a situation where paying for hosting is completely out of reach, and you have free hosting available, then yes, it’s better than nothing.  However, I would suggest using the platform BEFORE using a free hosting to try to put together a full, version of a website.  If you’re gonna go all in on the effort it takes to make a website, just pay the $60 to get set up for the year.  Otherwise, you’re going to spend a lot of time and effort compensating for the fact that you have free hosting, which can be slow, unreliable, have downtime, not resolve a domain name correctly and potentially have a million other problems.

How much hosting space do I need for a WordPress website?

I am not a database expert, but I have built several WordPress websites and hosted them in different environments.  The key isn’t really now much space you need for hosting, it’s how fast the connection between the database and the hosting space itself can be made (I think….I maybe talking over my own head a little bit here).  The point is, when you put all of this time and effort into building a nice website, you want it to work.  For a while, I was using GoDaddy’s WordPress hosting product, and it was OK, but I’m over their bullshit with customer support.  They want to sell you another year of hosting so bad that they don’t answer your question.  They also fell WAY short on something that I really thought they could have helped me with fairly easily.  I bought a hosting package with Bluehost on a whim hoping that they WOULD help me.  My site was online like 20 minutes later.  They are great, I wouldn’t even waste time with anyone else.

What hosting company has the best customer service?

Well, I’ll be honest here, it depends what “best” means.  If you want to know who answers the phone in the least amount of time, I’d say GoDaddy.  If you want that person once they actually answer the phone to be helpful and want you to get all you can out of the subscription you have, I’d say Bluehost.  GoDaddy pays sales commission to their tech support reps, and it’s super obvious.  If you’ve been up to your ears in a stressful tech situation before, you know that the last thing you want to talk about is that your domain name is expiring in just six months.  I feel like because GoDaddy is just so flipping big they can’t help but hire a few of your traditional “I-feel-like-I-have-to-talk-down-to-you-because-I’m-in-tech-and-you-are-not-guys”.  I have no patience for that….   Whatever.  Depending on your site, you might find that GoDaddy works just as well as Bluehost or anyone else, but I’ve worked with six different hosting products across four different providers and I can say without a doubt that Bluehost is the best for one site, or multiple sites.  To host multiple WordPress sites on GoDaddy you have to buy multiple hosting plans, with Bluehost you can buy the premium (for about $8 a month) and run as many sites as you want.

I am planning on having a lot of images and videos on my site.  Do I need premium or upgraded hosting?

No, probably not.  If you have a LOT of images, you may need to think about it, but for videos I’d run them all through YouTube or Vimeo.  Doing that means that you’re only displaying them on your site, not actually hosting them, so the space of the video does not count against you.  Don’t fall for a big amount of hosting space at a host that doesn’t have the other pieces in place to have your page load quickly for your visitors.

What is the best place to use for hosting?

There was a time that I used  I still have some domain names with them, but honestly, I just don’t like them anymore.  I am in the process of transferring everything away from them.  For a long time I also used GoDaddy, but I ran into a problem with them as well.  The main problem is that you can’t very effectively run a WordPress website on their unlimited hosting, the pages seem to just load really slowly.  They have what they call “Managed Hosting” but I’m in the process of moving away from that.  Mostly the reason is that I bought a bunch of them when they were on SUPER sale (like $.99 a month, $11.88 for the year) but then realized that they have some short falls.  Specifically (and I might put a page together on this at some point) but it’s really hard to move a website that you already built on your local host up to GoDaddy’s hosting.  I called and asked them to help me and they basically just told me that I was on my own.  That is when I found BlueHost.

I Really Like BlueHost for WordPress Hosting

You may have guessed by the advertising all over this site that I’m a fan of Bluehost.  Yes, I am.  I feel like they do a great job of customer service, and as I went through the process of learning WordPress, I ultimately arrived at Bluehost as a result of failing several other places.  To read more about my background and some of the problems I experienced with Wordpress, click here.