WordPress Issues

WordPress Issues.

Things to Be Aware of When Building a Website on WordPress

I have spent many an hour with a furrowed brow and frustrated heart starting at the codex, which is like the whole “How to do everything on WordPress” user manual.  If you’re searching for help on WordPress, you’ve probably already tasted some of the difficulty and frustration that can come with learning what is such a big and complex system.  The thing to keep in mind is that’s what makes WordPress so amazing.  It’s complex so that people can VERY SIMPLY add the most amazing slideshows and other effects to their sites.  If you are new to WordPress, I hope that some of the topics below will help you acclimate to the dizzying heights that WordPress can take your site to.  I am always working on new content and hope to have videos coming soon, so check back often.

  • WordPress or Not?
    In this page, I examine, although they’re pretty few and far between, some instances where you might NOT want to use WordPress for your site at all.
  • WordPress.org or WordPress.com
    There are actually two versions of WordPress.  A light, free version at WordPress.com or a more involved, full, more powerful version at WordPress.org.  Here’s an article that jumps into which one might be right for you.
  • The Problem(s) With WordPress (They have solutions)
    Wordpress is not all upside.  It was pretty hard to learn, and I want to walk you through some of the problems I had with WordPress so that you can understand why I suggest the things that I suggest (specifically, NOT trying to build a custom theme from scratch, but rather customizing an existing theme)
  • Hosting for WordPress
    Hosting for WordPress works a little bit differently than hosting for a traditional HTML / CSS type of site you would build on FrontPage or Dreamweaver.