Website Hosting for WordPress

What’s Different About WordPress Hosting?

If you’ve ever built a normal, HTML website, you may have some basic idea of how the file and folder structure on a website works.  Usually you have a couple of folders; an image folder to hold your images, maybe some scripts or CSS files in another folder.  But the point is that the HTML page is more or less already put together, and each file, or individual page contains the content.  Wordpress, and more generally PHP sites, are database driven.  So while I can’t really tell you exactly what that means due to some of the limits of my own understanding, I’ll tell you this, it’s a lot more complex than just having an HTML site.  Wordpress relies on databases to provide the content, images and plug-ins for your site.  So imagine that an HTML page was already just sitting there, but when you go to a WordPress page, it needs to quick grab a bunch of stuff from a few locations and put it all together for you.

The time it takes to “Put the Page Together” is critical.

Sticking with what is probably a very dumb analogy about WordPress Hosting of the page being “put together” understand that the time it takes to put the page together is going to affect how long it takes for the user to see the page.  So if you remember the late 90’s and early 2000’s when you’d just have to wait it out while a page loaded, know that people do NOT do that anymore.  If your page doesn’t load within a second or two your users are going to find one that does.  So getting the right type of WordPress hosting where your database works quick so that your visitors are quickly seeing your content is critical.

Bluehost Does a Great Job of Making Quick Loading WordPress Pages

In my experience, Bluehost has done as well with WordPress hosting as any other provider I’ve tried, and I’ve tried three others.  Actually, I’ve tried two different solutions from two of those providers, so finding Bluehost was actually my sixth try on a good WordPress host.  You can save a lot of time and headache from my experience.  Start with Bluehost today.

Bluehost also has REALLY Good Customer Service

When I signed up for Bluehost, I was already VERY invested in GoDaddy.  I have about 80 sites and at least 100 domain names with GoDaddy.  To be clear, I was NOT looking for another host.  But what happened was I had gone through the fairly difficult process of learning how to build a WordPress site on a localhost (which, if you plan on building a lot of sites I would suggest you learn how to do at some point).  Building a WP site on a localhost is probably out of the reach for the casual user, it certainly was for me for a long time.  So imagine my disappointment when I FINALLY after years of trying to figure out WordPress was able to successfully (using WAMP, or MAMP) build a WordPress site on my computer and I called GoDaddy for help on how to load it up, and they pretty much told me “tough luck, figure it out….by the way, it’s really advanced”.  Shit.  Well, I have to figure it out.  I did with a lucky plug-in find, but even then I needed help getting the plug-in to work.  While you do have to wait for a few minutes from time to time, when someone does get on the phone it is VERY high quality customer service, and you do NOT get the feeling that they are trying to end the call, they want to help.