WordPress Plug-Ins

What Are WordPress Plug-Ins?

When I first heard “plug-in” I immediately dismissed it as “nerd talk” and hoped that I would be able to work my way through some basic web development without having to learn more about what it was.  Now that I understand what a plug-in is and what it does, and more specifically how amazing and powerful the library of plug-ins that are available on for WordPress can do, I rejoice at the sound of the word “plug-in”.

OK, great.  Now YOU Sound like a Nerd.  So What is a Plug-In

A Plug-in is a piece of code that someone else developed that will either improve or add some function on your website.  So like if your WordPress site was a car, imagine a plug in basically being like this thing you could just “plug-in” to your car and now all of the sudden the top speed is suddenly more efficient, or you get better fuel economy. 

Some plug ins make your site LOOK better, some make a website FUNCTION better.  Some make it easy to utilize third party services like Google Analytics or Google Webmaster Tools.  There are plug-ins galore for social media outlets, which can be a great tool because you can set up automatic posting for your Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter feed.

Plug-Ins can cause problems too….

Understand that when you use a plug-in, you’re relying on someone else’s code.  Someone else’s code that you very likely do not understand.  Trust is key.  Do NOT use plug-ins that either have a very low install base or low average ratings.   It’s basically giving the maker of the plug-in access to your site, so it’s important that you’re careful about keeping your site secure by only using very reputable plug ins.

There will be more information on Plug-Ins coming soon.  Check back for updates.